Oceania World Cruise

Oceania offers five variations of the 2019 Insignia World Cruise. To see the 180-night itinerary that travels from New York to Miami, click here. To see the 174-night itinerary that is round trip from New York, click here. To see the 158-night itinerary that travels from New York to London, click here. To see the 177-night itinerary that is round trip from Miami, click here. To see the 161-night itinerary that travels from Los Angeles to Miami, click here. To read more about the Insignia, click here.

Come aboard the Oceania Insignia for a 2019 World Cruise. This 177-night voyage takes you on a round trip journey of a lifetime from Miami. Along the way, you will visit many different countries and unique ports, as well as have the opportunity to enjoy multiple overnight stays to fully immerse yourself in each destination. The Insignia will show you some of the greatest wonders the world has to offer, and provide an unforgettable journey full of fun memories to cherish.

Embark from Miami, then continue south to make port in Havana, Cuba. From there, the ship will call at Cartagena, Columbia before making a transit through the Panama Canal. Sail on to make port in Golfito and Puntarenas in Costa Rica. Continue the tour around Central America with a call to Corinto, Nicaragua. The ship will then sail in to Manzanillo, Mexico for a day before continuing on to Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas, a popular sport fishing destination.

The Insignia will continue up the coast to call at Los Angeles, then sail out into the Pacific Ocean toward the Hawaiian Islands. Make port in Nawiliwili, then call for a full day in Honolulu. From there, make port in Hilo before journeying on to Nuku Hiva in French Polynesia. Call next at Rangiroa, then continue on to Papeete in Tahiti. Spend a full day in Bora Bora, then the ship will sail on to Pago Pago. Cross the International Dateline, then cruise in to Suva, Fiji before continuing on to the coast of New Zealand. Call at Bay of Islands. Next, sail in to Auckland and spend a day exploring the popular city. Make port in Wellington, then continue on to Australia. Cruise into the famous Sydney harbor and enjoy the sites. From there, make port in Brisbane. Continue on around the coast to call at Cairns and Cooktown. The Insignia will then make one more stop in Darwin before sailing on to Indonesia with a call to Komodo.

Sail into Benoa, Bali for your first overnight stay and explore the lush countryside and quaint village. Cruise on to make port in Puerto Princesa, Boracay, and Manila in the Philippines. Call at Kaohsiung, then sail in to Taipei for the day. Continue on to the coast of Japan to call at Miyako-jima. Next, call at Okinawa followed by a day in Kyoto. Call overnight in Tokyo and tour the bustling city and active Ginza District. Sail on to make port in Hiroshima, then call at Nagasaki for a taste of feudal Japan. Call next at Seoul, South Korea, before making port in Beijing, China. Here, the Insignia will sail in for a two night stay in Shanghai. After exploring all that Shanghai has to offer, continue on to call overnight in Hong Kong where east meets west with glittering lights and historic temples.

The journey continues to Vietnam to call at Da Nang. Call overnight in Ho Chi Minh City, then sail on to call overnight in Bangkok, Thailand. Make port in Ko Samui, then sail on to Singapore to experience the cultural hub found there. Call at Kuala Lumpur, then sail on to Penang. Next, make port in Phuket, then cruise into Rangoon for a two night stay. Cruise the Bay of Bengal, then sail in to make port at Cochin, India. Call at Mangalore and Goa next, then make port in Mumbai before sailing away from Asia to the Middle East. Call at Fujairah, then sail into the glittering city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. From there, call at Salalah, Oman before cruising along the Red Sea to make port in Aqaba, Jordan. Explore the ancient beauty of Egypt with an overnight stay in Luxor (Safaga). Transit the Suez Canal, then call overnight in Haifa, Israel. Make port in Limassol, Cypress, then continue on to the Mediterranean.

Experience a taste of Greece with calls to Rhodes, Santorini, and Athens. Sail on to make port in Messina and Sorrento, then call at Rome. From there, continue on to Florence and Monte Carlo. Call at Barcelona for a full day, then make port in Valencia, Spain. Continue on through the Mediterranean with a call to Seville and an overnight in Lisbon where you can visit the Belem Tower and the charming Alfama district. Call at Oporto and La Coruna, then make port in Bilbao. Continue on to call overnight in Bordeaux, France and sail on to make port in London. Cruise over to Liverpool, then spend a day in Belfast. The Insignia will then call at Dublin and Cork before heading out across the Atlantic to St. John's, Newfoundland in Canada.

Tour the coast with calls to Sydney and Halifax in Nova Scotia, then sail on to call at Saint John (Bay of Fundy) in New Brunswick. From there, call at New York, then cruise out for an overnight in St. George, Bermuda for a bit of sunbathing. Spend a few last days at sea, then sail in for a second visit to Miami. Here guests will disembark for the end of the cruise.

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