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MSC offers four variations of the 2021 MSC Poesia World Cruise. To see the 118-night itinerary that sails roundtrip from Rome, click here. To see the 118-night itinerary that travels roundtrip from Genoa, click here. To see the 118-night itinerary that travels roundtrip from Marseille, click here. To see the 118-night itinerary that travels roundtrip from Barcelona, click here. To read more about the MSC Poesia, click here.

Sail away with the MSC Poesia on a 2021 World Cruise. On this 118-night tour around the globe, guests will discover many exciting destinations in 33 different countries. Explore the volcanic islands of Honolulu, discover the ancient secrets of Shanghai, or go sightseeing through Dubai. With 53 destinations spread from the Americas to the Middle East and beyond, this journey offers something for everyone to enjoy.

The journey begins in Marseille, France. Call first at Barcelona, Spain's cultural center, then enjoy a few days at sea getting better acquainted with the MSC Poesia. Next, make port in Funchal, Madeira before sailing out across the Atlantic to the Caribbean Islands. See how colonial life has evolved in the modern world and relax along the beaches in destinations such as Barbados and Curacao. Call next at Cartagena and Puerto Limon as the ship makes its way to the Panama Canal. Guests can admire the mechanics of the lock system as the ship makes its way through. Once on the other side, the journey continues up the coast with stops in Nicaragua and Guatemala. Take a sport fishing expedition out of Cabo San Lucas and relax on Olas Atlas Beach in Puerto Vallarta, then sail on to San Diego and an overnight in San Francisco.

Here the MSC Poesia will make its way out to the tropical waters of the Pacific to call at Kahului and Honolulu. Sail on from there to visit Apia in Western Samoa and Suva in Fiji. Auckland is next, then it's on to an overnight in Sydney for a glimpse of the famous Harbor Bridge and the chance to visit the Royal Botanic Gardens. As the ship sails around the coast, guests will enjoy additional stops in Brisbane and Cairns before reaching Papua New Guinea where guests can visit historic landmarks from World War II and experience a warm welcome from the local villagers. Call next at Boracay and Manila in the Philippines, then it's on to Taiwan.

Spend the day exploring the deserted islands around Ishigaki and caves of Okinawa, then enjoy overnights in Osaka and Tokyo where you can explore the famous Osaka Castle and take a ride on the world's largest Ferris wheel, or tour the Imperial Palace and participate in a tea ceremony. Explore a few more places around Japan, then sail on to Busan, South Korea before calling overnight in Shanghai, the "Paris of the East". Alight in Hong Kong for a full day, then explore the city of Shenzen. Admire the many Cham sculptures and local markets as you move through Vietnam, the sail on to Singapore for a full day in port exploring this incredibly diverse city. Relax on the beach in Malaysia or tour a batik factory, call at Colombo in Sri Lanka, then sail on to the Middle East to continue your journey.

An overnight in Dubai offers guests the opportunity to explore traditional bazaars and tour the Juneira Mosque. Catch a ride on a camel, or take a four-wheel-drive tour through the desert, and admire the Sultan's palace as you sail to Khasab and Muscat in Oman. From there, the ship will set out to Jordan before cruising through the Suez Canal. On this two day transit, passengers should be sure to step out on deck to enjoy views as the ship passes from the Red Sea to the Mediterranean. A visit to Heraklion provides guests with of distinct mountain landscapes, as well as the chance to explore the 4,000 year old Minoan palace of Knossos. Call at Rome and enjoy a day of sipping cappuccino, exploring the famous landmarks such as the Trevi Fountain and the Colosseum, and shopping in high-fashion boutiques at Via Condotti. A call to Genoa is next, then the ship will return to Marseille where guests will disembark for the end of the cruise.

Due to the unique nature of this vacation experience, we allow only the finest and most experienced of our 850+ cruise counselors the opportunity to assist our World Cruise customers. When you are ready to speak with someone in our office, please click here to e-mail me your phone number, and the day and time you prefer to be called. I will personally select one of the elite cruise counselors at Vacations To Go to handle your inquiry.

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