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Crystal 2018 World Cruise

Crystal offers four variations of their 2018 World Cruise. To see the 114-night Crystal Symphony itinerary that travels from Cape Town to Miami, click here. To see the 129-night itinerary on the Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity that travels from Cape Town to Rome, click here. To see the 112-night Crystal Serenity itinerary that travels from Los Angeles to Rome, click here. To see the 97-night itinerary on the Crystal Serenity and Crystal Symphony that travels from Los Angeles to Miami, click here. To read more about Crystal, click here.

Join Crystal Symphony for the 2018 World Cruise from Cape Town to Rome. This 129-night journey takes passengers on a voyage that stretches across the Southern Hemisphere and spans two ships. You will visit ports in Africa, Australia, and the Pacific Ocean along the way. There will be multiple opportunities for long days at port and overnight calls as well.

Embark from Cape Town in South Africa and sail to Mossel Bay, followed by Port Elizabeth. Spend a day at sea before enjoying two days in the cosmopolitan charm of Durban. Sail to Richards Bay and Maputo, cruise the coast of Africa, and call at Reunion Island. Make port in Mauritus for two nights and explore the varied cultures and experiences that the island has to offer, before taking an extended sea journey across the Indian Ocean to call at Broome, Australia.

Once on the coast, the Crystal Symphony will continue around to call at Geraldton and an overnight in Fremantle. After basking in the Mediterranean-like climate of Fremantle, passengers will be transported first to Bunbury, then to Albany and the beautiful Esperance. Spend the night enjoying the old world grace of Melbourne, then sail to Burnie, followed by Hobart in Tasmania. The ship will then take passengers into the energetic metropolis of Sydney for an overnight stay, during which time passengers will switch ships from Crystal Symphony to Crystal Serenity for the remainder of the cruise. After leaving Sydney, enjoy two days at sea, then call at Hamilton Island before staying the night in Cairns. Make one more call in Australia at Cooktown before moving on to the next leg of the cruise.

Sail over to Papua New Guinea for port at Alotau and Kitava. Continue on to the Solomon Islands to call at Honiara and the untouched paradise of Gizo. Spend the night in Rabaul, then cruise up to Boracay Island in the Philippines. Call at Romblon Island, then overnight in Southeast Asia's second largest city, Manila. The Crystal Serenity will then take passengers to Hong Kong for a two night stay to enjoy Chinese history mixed with a modern, cosmopolitan city that blends East and West. Upon leaving Hong Kong, head south toward Vietnam to call at Hanoi and Chan May. Overnight in Ho Chi Minh City, then continue on to Sihanoukville in Cambodia.

The ship will make port at Singapore for three days so passengers can enjoy the sites and explore the "Crossroads of the East." From there, the journey continues up to Kuala Lumpur and Phuket, then takes three days in Yangon, Myanmar. Cruise through the Indian Ocean and call for an overnight in both Colombo and Cochin. Visit the trading hub of Mangalore on the way to a two night stay at the former hometown of Mahatma Gandhi in Mumbai. Travel up to the Middle East and stay the night in Muscat, Oman. From there, call at Manama, Doha, and overnight in Abu Dhabi. Then, spend three days exploring the rich, busy city of Dubai, before heading to the mountainous city of Fujairah.

Cruise away from the UAE, call at Salalah in Oman, then sail across the Red Sea to make port in Aqaba and overnight in Luxor, Egypt. Transit the Suez Canal, then spend the day in Alexandria. Here the ship will begin sailing across the Mediterranean Sea with ports in Ashdod, Israel and Sorrento, Italy. From Sorrento, the Serenity will call for an overnight in Rome where the cruise comes to an end and passengers will disembark the ship.

Due to the unique nature of this vacation experience, we allow only the most experienced of our 400+ travel counselors the opportunity to assist our world cruise customers. When you are ready to speak with someone in our office, please call us at 1-888-381-4642 or email us for a quote or reservation.