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Costa offers six variations of the 2022 Costa Deliziosa World Cruise. To see the 126-night itinerary that travels roundtrip from Venice, click here. To see the 117-night itinerary that travels roundtrip from Rome, click here. To see the 115-night itinerary that travels roundtrip from Savona, click here. To see the 113-night itinerary that travels roundtrip from Marseille, click here. To see the 113-night itinerary that travels from Barcelona to Savona, click here. To see the 119-night itinerary that travels from Barcelona to Venice, click here. To read more about the Deliziosa, click here.

Come aboard and enjoy 117 nights of paradise as you sail around the world on the Costa Deliziosa. Visit exotic places, iconic cities and many unique sites from the Moai monoliths in Easter Island to the Gangaramaya Buddhist temple in Colombo. Along the way, passengers will enjoy many extended port calls and overnight stays, and may explore exciting shore excursions to find hidden gems at each destination.

Your round trip voyage begins in Rome, home to the Sistine Chapel and the Trevi Fountain. A tour through the Mediterranean takes you to destinations such as Marseille, Barcelona and Casablanca with many other exciting ports between. Visit Santa Cruz de Tenerife and indulge in the local food scene, then the Costa Deliziosa will set sail across the Atlantic. Make your way to the Caribbean with a stop in St. Lucia. Take a hike through the rainforest hills, relax on Pigeon Island Beach, or venture to the sulphur springs. Continue on to Cartagena for a lighthouse city tour, then sail through the engineering marvel of the Panama Canal. The ship will then sail on to call at destinations along the west coast of South America. Enjoy the beach life of Manta, get a taste of Peruvian hospitality in Lima, and grab a true Pisco Sour while taking in the art deco views of Santiago de Chile.

Here the ship will journey out into the Pacific Ocean for a stop at Easter Island. The nearly uninhabited island of Pitcairn is a perfect spot for bird watching and unique maritime history. From there you will sail into paradise with calls at ports including Papeete and Rarotonga. Passengers will discover the "Pearl of the Pacific" in Bora Bora, and divers can admire the exquisite coral life and breathtaking views in the lagoon.

Journey on to New Zealand and come face to face with Kiwis, tour a town at the heart of a volcano, and wander through the "windy city" at the capital in Wellington. A visit to Hobart in Tasmania reveals elegant Georgian architecture and spectacular island views. In Melbourne, catch a glimpse of thousands of blue penguins coming home from Phillip Island, then sail on for an overnight stay in Sydney. As a follow up to the blue penguins, the city invites you to trek up to the enchanting Blue Mountains before sailing to Cairns and on to Asia.

Your tour of Asia begins with a call to Osaka where you can visit the oldest Buddhist temple in Japan, the Shitennoji Temple. Explore the combative history of Nagasaki, take a journey to Hasashima, then explore the bustling city of Busan with luxury beaches and beachside restaurants. The ship continues on through with stops in destinations such as Keelung, Da Nang, and Kelang. An overnight stay in Hong Kong offers a rich cultural experience and scenic views from Victoria Peak. A visit to the Botanic Garden in Singapore is a must, and travelers should be sure to tour the nature reserves and glittering temples in Penang.

As your journey continues around the globe, enjoy a visit to Colombo in Sri Lanka where you can explore many historic monuments such as the Gangaramaya Buddhist Temple. Relax on the beaches of Mormugao, then stroll through the Gate of India to Bombay where you can visit the Elephant Caves and Kamla Nehru Park. From there, you will sail on to the Middle East to call at Salalah before the Costa Deliziosa makes its way to the Mediterranean.

Stop in Aqaba and journey to Petra, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Visit the center of Greek culture with a call to Athens where you can tour the Parthenon of myths as well as the Olympic Stadium. Continue on through the Mediterranean to call at destinations including Naples, Marseille and Savona. Take an excursion to Pompeii, admire the looming beauty of Vesuvius, take a bike ride through the city of Marseille, then unwind as you stroll along the Italian Riviera to Savona Cathedral. Here the ship will make a return trip to Rome where passengers will disembark for the end of the cruise.

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